Behind the Lyrics: ODD The Artist’s Honest Reflection in “Running”

Inside "ODD The Artist"’s "Running"

In an era where authenticity in music often takes the back seat, ODD The Artist makes a striking entry with her latest track, “Running.” This song isn’t just a collection of rhythms and rhymes; it’s a heartfelt narrative that captures the essence of personal struggles. Let’s dive into what makes “Running” not just a song, but a story and a sensation.

A Breakdown of "Running"

The Musical Canvas

“Running” starts with a compelling beat that sets a melancholy mood, reflecting the song’s introspective lyrics. The minimalistic yet powerful arrangement focuses on ODD The Artist’s raw vocal delivery, uses both rap verses and a melodic chorus. This duality in vocals perfectly captures the constant battle of  personal demons. The use of subtle background harmonies adds a layer of depth, emphasizing the emotional weight of each word sung.

In the second layer of the musical composition, the bass drops and the rhythmic snapping of snares pull listeners into a state of reflection. ODD The Artist uses these elements to keep the song’s momentum while allowing the lyrics to breathe and resonate. This careful balance between the instrumental and vocal elements in “Running” showcases her ability to create a sound that complements the narrative, making each listen a new experience to uncover deeper layers of emotion.

Lyrical Deep Dive

At its core, “Running” is an exploration of the artist’s internal conflicts and the exhaustive nature of mental health struggles. The opening lines, “Lately I’ve been having some problems with myself,” set a confessional tone, inviting listeners into a very personal space. The lyrics weave through themes of self-doubt, depression, and the search for consolation, which are universal yet intensely personal. Each verse builds on this narrative, painting a vivid picture of the mental corridors the artist finds herself trapped in.

The chorus, “I keep running, running, running, can’t keep running away,” serves as both a regret and a revelation. It is in these lines that ODD The Artist captures the essence of the struggle— the realization that running away from problems only preserve them. The repetitive nature of the lyrics in the chorus mirrors the cyclical patterns of avoidance and confrontation that characterize personal battles with mental health, making the song relatable and therapeutic for listeners facing similar challenges.

A background of ODD The Artist

ODD The Artist is a rising figure in the music industry, known for her candid approach to songwriting and a distinctive style that blends elements of rap, soul, and electronic music. Her artistic persona is characterized by a willingness to delve into deep and often dark aspects of human emotion, setting her apart in a landscape filled with more conventional themes. ODD’s music is a reflection of her life’s narrative, marked by an honest portrayal of her struggles and triumphs.


“Running” by ODD The Artist is a powerful expression of the human condition, encapsulating the highs and lows of personal struggle through its compelling lyrics and emotive music. It’s a track that deserves a spot on your playlist not just for its artistic merit but for its ability to connect and comfort. Check out “Running” by ODD The Artist today on Spotify and YouTube, and experience a piece of art that resonates with the soul’s deeper battles.

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