Discovering the Truth in Pedrum Amin’s Latest Song: “Truth” – Review

Truth by Pedrum Amin cover art

Inside Pedrum Amin's "Truth"

In a vibrant world of music, where emotions and messages mix to create unforgettable experiences, “Truth” by Pedrum Amin stands as a testament to the power of lyrical artistry. It not only mixes sounds of different genres such as hip-hop, pop, and R&B, but also dives deep into the complexities of human relationships.

A Breakdown of “Truth”

The Musical Canvas

The track kicks off with an enticing intro featuring a sample of a woman’s vocals, setting the tone of the track. The sadness of her voice with the honesty of her words sets a powerful emotional backdrop for the song. When the beat drops, the drums and the vibrant strums of the electric guitar build a dynamic and powerful foundation. Despite the initial sadness in the intro sample, the energetic beat drop signifies a shift toward a brighter, more upbeat perspective to deal with potential issues. 

As the song progresses, Pedrum’s vocal versatility comes to the forefront, with his ability to shift from compelling rap verses to singing in the bridges, choruses, and outro. This duality in vocal style adds contrast to the song, mirroring the lyrical themes of complexity and duality within relationships and personal growth. 

The outro of the song is particularly striking, where Pedrum employs a robotic distorted vocal effect, blending it seamlessly with the electric guitar, the returning sample of the woman’s singing, and a new layer of saxophones. This fusion creates a rich, multi-textured soundscape that leaves a lasting impression.

Lyrical Deep Dive

Diving deeper into the lyrics of “Truth” by Pedrum Amin, it’s a song about sticking together and getting through tough times in a relationship. From the start, the song hits us with lines about keeping on track and not giving up, no matter what comes your way. 

With lines like “Never switch the plot”, Pedrum is encouraging us to keep going and not lose sight of what we’re here for. He’s telling us about how hard he’s trying to keep things moving forward, putting in the work and effort to make the relationship stronger. This part of the song gives off the vibe of two people who are really trying to stick it out together, through the good and the bad.

When the song moves into the bridges and choruses, it’s all about trying to really hear each other out and not missing the signs we give each other. The bit where he talks about thoughts being left “on read” hits home about how sometimes, even when we’re trying to connect, we end up feeling more alone. It’s like a reminder of the times when we’re trying to reach out but end up missing each other. 

But then, the chorus comes back with a strong message about looking for the real deal and making sure we’re on the same page. Phrases like “Never dividing on views” and “Never neglecting the cues” are all about making sure we’re really listening to each other and understanding what’s going on beneath the surface. “Truth” brings us into a heart-to-heart about what it takes to keep a relationship going strong, asking for honesty and a real effort to see and hear each other out.


“Truth” by Pedrum Amin isn’t just music. It’s a vibe, a message, and a feeling all rolled into one. It’s about facing what’s real, holding on to what matters, and just enjoying the ride, with all its twists and turns. 

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